Earn pocket money: our advice

Some children do not just pocket money given by their parents and want to earn money by other means. To pay something extra this month, some do not hesitate to make small "paid" services. Our point.

Earn pocket money: what's the point?

Even if you give regular pocket money to your child, there are months when he needs to pay more for something special. It may also feel the need to make money for himself. It comes from him or you, this initiative is laudable because it instills the value of money to your child. He will know early on that money does not grow on trees and that in general, adults are paid in exchange for work. So when your child will want to offer something, he knows he can afford it with the money he has "hard" earned.

Earn pocket money: how?
Specifically, it is preferable that the pocket money your child earns is a form of bonus in exchange for services rendered. Ask him to help you a little home in the first place: mow the lawn, keep his little brother ... You easily find what to do!

Maybe your child feel the need to work elsewhere, unrelated parents. So you can advise him to serve in the neighborhood: babysitting , moving ....

Earn pocket money: warning
Be careful not to be too hard on your child. From the moment you set up a system of pocket money with him, be sure to do it even if it has not really made service this week. Also make sure to remain constant in what you give to your child is not found with are different from one month to another.